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"Baton Rouge" - Explore the Rich History, Museums and Cultural Heritages!

Situated in the East Baton Rouge Parish, "Baton Rouge" is the capital of Louisiana State located in the southern region of the United States. One of the sleepy river towns in the olden days, it has now become one of the fastest growing cities in terms of technology. The capital is also the major center of various industries including petrochemical, research and medical. With two major universities, LSU (Louisiana State University) and SU (Southern University), 4 business colleges and 150 schools including 2 disability schools, it also provides an array of educational and cultural prospects.
An absolute exceptional location, "Baton Rouge" with its prosperous history and a blend of rich sites and cultural heritage makes an interesting place to visit. With numerous brilliant museums, various historic buildings, an amazing zoo along with a playful casino, the vibrant city on the Mississippi river famous for its music, food and people symbolizes the best of Louisiana's lively civilization. Let's explore the important spots of this historical city.
Museums and Cultural Heritages
Rural Life Museum is one of the specialty and historic museum which demonstrates the life and times of 19th century settlers of the place. From their utensils, furniture to their farming equipments, the museum has artifacts that described the life of people in Louisiana back in the 19th century. A mesmerizing place, it also has a beautiful garden that borders the premises. The museum also timely organizes events where both adults and children can take part in the huge festive celebrations, making it an informative entertainment for all the young as well as old visitors. For kids, there is also the Enchanted Mansion Doll Museum which exhibits a collection of dolls. Another museum is Louisiana State Museum where you get all the information of the state absolutely free.
"Baton Rouge" is also home to the legendary USS KIDD, a destroyer ship utilized by the American soldiers during World War II. Visitors can have a walk through the ship and scrutinize all the artilleries that were employed during the war. A live museum, it brings back the historic scene as you witness all the arms while strolling in the ship.
Louisiana's Old State Capitol, a beautiful architectural building and a museum covering state politics is another feather in the cap of this rich state. The place is excellent when it comes to historical décor. There is also an Old Arsenal Museum next to it providing information on the Civil War. Further, there is Louisiana Art and Science Museum which has an impressive planetarium. Also, the Egypt section with mummies is something that makes it attractive. For all historical enthusiasts, there is Pentagon Barracks with lot of artifacts, maps and pictures of the 19th century.
Another unique feature of the capital of Louisiana is the presence of the prominent Tiger Stadium. With seating capability around 92,400, the football stadium is 7th largest in the world. Even if you are not a fan of college football, you'll love the place. Moreover, you can also see Mike, the tiger staying in his habitat next to the stadium. The electrifying atmosphere with lot of enthusiasm towards the game as well as the vibrant milieu, make the place a hot spot in "Baton Rouge".
Full of rich history and vast cultural heritage with vibrant populace, "Baton Rouge" is truly a magnificent place on the Mississippi river. With excellent food, amazing music, nightlife, the visitor is ought to roll in for a great time.

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